Rockige Grafiken, Zeichnungen und Fashion von Grafikdesigner Stefan Röhm


GraveArt – that is modern, fascinating and extravagant art, that is brutal, morbid and relentless at the same time. This kind of art is definitely not made for the faint of heart. Based in the Swabian metropolis Reutlingen, Graveart has developed from a mere hobby in the beginning to a more than renowned graphic design and art label in the metal scene that can look back at cooperations with numerous popular musical artists and record labels.


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Music, The Bizz & Rock ’n‘ Roll lautet die Devise auf dem Blog von Foxxy. Es warten Konzertberichte, persönliche Anekdoten und der interessante Blick hinter die Kulissen durch spannende Interviews auf euch. Schaut mal vorbei!



Self-expression through clothes should not be the privilege of those close to average height. Tall people too often settle for whatever clothes they manage to find that are simply long enough.


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